There are a number of excellent opportunities of teaching German in Australia. Whether in academia, at the Goethe-Institut or as a private tutor - there are many pathways you can follow.

Teaching German in Academia
The DAAD headquarters in Bonn have developed a large global network of ‘Ortslektoren’ (Germans teaching German studies outside of Germany). There are currently around 770 Ostlektoren in 46 countries around the world, spanning Japan and Italy to Armenia, Oman and Spain. The DAAD is currently introducing the network to Australia. For more information please refer to .

Teaching German
Interested in teaching German in Australia? There are plenty of great opportunities for language teachers at the Goethe Institut, high schools and other educational institutions across Australia.

Locally, you can also join the Network of Australian Teachers of German (NATG), which provides a network of support to German language practitioners. For more information on the NATG visit

Teaching German to children